Ways We Can Help You

In the wake of a stillborn baby’s loss, supporting grieving parents is vital. Be a compassionate listener, assist with practical matters, and connect them with support groups and counselors specializing in perinatal loss. We are here to help and to provide comfort during this painful journey.

Insurance Coverage and Benefits Understanding

Can we provide a deep dive on your insurance coverage plan and identify what you are eligible for, as well as what your expected out of pocket costs will be. We can also discuss and explain any medical jargon that may be hidden in your explanation of benefits to determine that you are being appropriately charged for care that was rendered.

Employer Benefits Advocacy

We can conduct a thorough review of your employer benefits package to look for resources that you are eligible for that may be helpful during this time of healing: gym memberships, mental health resources, additional financial benefits, or paid time off.

Billing Advocacy

If you have any questions relating to your medical bills for the coverage of care associated with your child, I will personally reach out to the payer and work through them with the insurance company on your behalf.

Education & Support

Aubrey’s Advocate is proud to offer in-person or virtual training and education, unique to the provider types who we are working with (ER, Labor and Delivery) to select types of providers to discuss perinatal loss and proper emotional support techniques.

Financial Assistance

Thanks to generous donations, Aubrey’s Advocate is now able to offer financial aid grants for families who experienced a stillbirth at 20 weeks gestation or later in the last 6 months. This grant money will be paid directly to the insurance company to be used as payment towards the labor and delivery cost of your hospital stay.

If eligible, applications are carefully reviewed by our Board of Directors, and funding is directed to the insurance company on behalf of the family.

Mentorship program

For those new to their loss parent journey and looking for 1:1 support and companionship from a parent who has walked their journey, we are honored to offer a mentorship program. We will pair you with a parent who understands your unique loss situation, be it miscarriage, stillbirth, fetal diagnosis, NICU stay, or other, who will be your “phone/text a friend” when you are experiencing moments that you feel most in need.

Your mentor will provide you with experience they have gained along the way and with resources to help you make the best decisions possible.

Light After Loss Support Group 

Aubrey’s Advocate, Inc. and Noelle’s Light have joined forces to create an 8-week program that is designed to help support those navigating grief after the loss of their child in the first 8-12 weeks following their death. Our goal is to cultivate a friend-support group and talk about the everyday struggles of adjusting back to life after loss. Your group will consist of 6-8 other loss parents. We will meet for 60-90 minutes once a week via zoom. Part of the discussion each week will be a planned topic and we will also leave space for an open discussion.

There will be times throughout the program where you will be paired with another loss parent and encouraged to have one on one discussions about certain topics surrounding loss and the grief that follows. No two journeys are the same but only another loss parent can understand the depth of your sorrow. We are here to lean on each other, learn from each other and lift each other up. We focus on growth and cheering ourselves on, and discuss little things that have helped make life a little lighter while healing. There is light after loss- let us find it together.

An example of your 8 week topic guide (subject to change):

1. Introduction/Exchange Stories. Prior to our first meeting, everyone will be encouraged to write a letter to their baby. This letter will be added to our group email exchange as a way
for us to get to know each other. (a more open discussion for the first week) (include photo of your baby if you wish!)
2. Triggers
3. Body Identity
4. Relationships
5. Hope
6. Preparing for Holidays/special occasions.
7. Traditions
8. Open Discussion- Project to honor our children

Our next group is subject to start Spring 2023.