Nothing is stronger than a mother fighting for her daughter's legacy

What do we do?

I am an advocate who has personally faced the challenges of losing my child when I was expecting to bring her home with me. The main issues I felt overwhelmed with had to do with more of the “business side” of my daughter’s life instead of getting to sit and spend my energy fully focused on her and my heart. The major obstacles that I faced had to do with getting my insurance claims organized and how to deal with the anger that I had when dealing with doctors who I encountered and their lack of knowledge and understanding on the emotional end of my grief. It dawned on me one day that picking up the pieces of my life and doing everything I could to take care of myself was my way of honoring my daughter.

Aubrey’s Advocate is here to advocate for you and your baby for whatever needs you may have. We honor our child by helping you to honor yours. 

Aubrey’s Advocate, Inc is committed to destigmatizing perinatal loss through:

  • Financial Support for the Labor and Delivery Bills relating to a Stillbirth (20+ weeks gestation)
  • Provider and Survivor Perinatal Loss Bereavement Education
  • Community and Peer Support for Stillbirth Families

Different ways Aubrey’s Advocate can assist you:

  • Upcoming Events
  • Loss Education and Resources for Providers and Survivors
  • Peer Support and “Loss Mom Mentorship” Program
  • Medical Coverage and Benefits Understanding