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I am an advocate who has personally faced the challenges of loosing my child when I was expecting to bring her home with me. The main issues I felt overwhelmed with had to do with more of the “business side” of my daughter’s life instead of getting to sit and spend my energy fully focused on her and my heart. The major obstacles that I faced had to do with getting my insurance claims organized and how to deal with the anger that I had when dealing with doctors who I encountered and their lack of knowledge and understanding on the emotional end of my grief. 

I learned how to advocate for myself and what I needed. I was shocked when I found out I still had bills to pay even though what I had experienced had been so traumatic. Being a health insurance professional, I was able to:  

It dawned on me one day that picking up the pieces of my life and doing everything I could to take care of myself was my way of honoring my daughter. Someone shared with me a quote “your daughters memory is too precious for her legacy to be that of a ruined mother.” And thus began my journey of healing….I am here to help your family organize and manage anything that you need so that you can focus on parenthood and the emotions that come with your grief. I am dedicated to obtaining the definitive answers and options that are hidden within the jargon of the insurance plan benefits and explanation documents. I recognize the stress of time spent looking for these answers and my goal is to lift this burden for you as much as I can; I know the importance of spending time with your baby and family. I am committed to exploring every option, and planning the necessary steps pertaining to the cost and payment of care. From direct assistance on calls to insurance companies, or providing this service on your behalf, I will ensure you receive answers and expectations in black and white.

My mission is to advocate for you and your baby for whatever needs you may have that.

I want to honor my child by helping you to honor yours. 

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1) Identify health insurance benefits and recognize any area where my bills were incorrectly showing my coverage. 

2) Evaluate any EAP benefits that I was eligible for: mental health benefits, grievance days, gym memberships to help with my physical healing.

3) Find community resources that helped me on my journey of healing.

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