Our mission

To support families in the aftermath of a perinatal or infant loss by advocating for their basic needs in a time of immeasurable grief, while simultaneously destigmatizing the topic of
perinatal and infant loss through provider education and peer support.

who we are

Aubrey’s Advocate, Inc is a 501(c)(3) organization focused on managing the medical bills and administrative tasks relating to a perinatal loss. We will provide a thorough
review of your claims, working with your insurance company and employer to exhaust all avenues for financial liability from the parents.

Aubrey’s Advocate, Inc is committed to destigmatizing perinatal loss through: 
1. Financial Support for the Labor and Delivery Bills relating to a Stillbirth (20+ weeks gestation)
2. Provider and Survivor Perinatal Loss Bereavement Education
3. Community and Peer Support for Stillbirth Families

Following a perinatal or infant loss, families receive an ongoing flow of medical bills from their insurance company that they are expected to understand and pay, while also managing their grief. We are here to consolidate this portion of the post-child loss journey: tracking and organizing medical bills, and advocating to their insurance companies and the affiliated hospital systems to have bills absolved where possible. By doing this, we relieve a portion of the financial and mental strain that these bills can trigger for a family, while ensuring that every avenue of assistance is exhausted. Families are able to focus on their healing instead of spending their time sorting through the constant stream of paperwork and phone calls to understand what they are liable for. We know first hand the emotional trigger that is receiving these bills after the loss of your child, and we are committed to making this one aspect of your grief manageable.